VIDYARTHA COLLEGE -Why doesnt it have Cosmetology Education?

Posted by scissorboy on Sep. 29, 2009 more on Vidyartha College, Vidyartha College Kandy, what is Vidyartha College, Facebook, and their lack of cosmetology education and cosmetology online visit Scissorboy Cosmetology Education Online HERE: are lot of people looking for what is Vidyartha College and where is Vidyartha College. Seems to be somewhere in Kandy, at least that is what I found out doing a search on Facebook.But a college I wonder why a college that so many people are searching for does not have a cosmetology education program?Lets face it, if you are a new stylist or an apprentice at a salon, and whether you graduated from Vidyartha College or not, you can never have enough Cosmetology Education.I am still not sure why Vidyartha College does not have an online cosmetology education program, but I know that this video will give new stylists and cosmetology students some great tips and techniques to learn from.If you are a new stylist or a recent ...

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