VANGIE Part 6 - SECURITY FEATURES @AteVangie The Pinoy Siri

Posted by tecalleja on Feb. 12, 2012

A special-edition Vangie -- ON A MISSION! Tweet @AteVangie and like http-// // WATCH ALL THE VANGIE VIDEOS- Part 1 - Introducing Vangie - http-// Part 2 - Traffic - http-// -- Part 3 - GPS - http-// -- Part 4 - Translation - http-// -- Part 5 - Music - http-// -- - Vangie is the truly Pinoy virtual assistant for your iPhone 4S. Directed by Paolo Dy Script & concept by Paolo Dy & Cathy Azanza-Dy Starring- Angela Padilla Julien Mendoza Apollo Abraham Jeremy Domingo and Ate Vangie Sound Design by Wowie Quiambao / Fluid Post Special thanks to Underground Lair... I mean, Underground Logic Produced by Paolo Dy, Cathy Azanza-Dy and Gung Ho Films Manila

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