Vampires! Bats! Fake Blood! Happy Halloween!!!#151

Posted by Frederator on Oct. 28, 2008

Frederator Fan Favorite Rob Renzetti returns with an epic Fred-o-ween Mina & the Count short! So funny you just might snort Blood, I mean Milk, outta your noses! Ha! Also, the Fred-bot finally decides on a halloween costume! Let us know what you think. Have a safe and Happy Halloween, from your cartoon pals a Channel Frederator! ASK THE ROBOT: p: 888-414-8148, e:, im: frederatorjeaux Anything, Anytime, Anywhere, Any way.

Categories Pop Culture

Tags fake, blood, yeah, oh, cartoons, bats, count, costumes, vampires, mina, renzetti, channelfrederato

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