US Loan Auditors Helps One Homeowner Receive a $371,000.00 Princ

Posted by usloanauditors on Jun. 20, 2010

Over the last two years Marcos Vides had almost lost faith until he received a notice from US Loan Auditors saying, “Fighting Predatory Lending.” He decided to call and attend the free seminar in San Jose. That same day he met with a Fraud Investigator and a soft audit of his loan documents revealed many mortgage fraud violations.Marcos felt USLA was trustworthy because he had finally understood his loan documents and saw that his broker did indeed take advantage of him. He then decided to move forward with a full court-ready Audit.Once he was on board with US Loan Auditors, Marcos finally felt there was someone on his side answering his questions and giving him the honest answers he needed to hear. He felt comfortable enough to call his Fraud Investigator and talk about his situation or any updates from his bank at any time.By being prompt in returning and answering his calls, unlike his previous experiences with other companies, Marcos was able to really trust US Loan Auditors to help in his situation.T

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