Upgrade You--Lil Wayne--Da Drought 3

Posted by MassYoutubeUploader on Jan. 30, 2010

Lyrics: Upgrade U I Know you See The Gwap 'Cause Getting Money Is What We On Riding Drop Top In The Winter With The Heat On Bad Yella Bitch Keep My Passenger Seat Warm Leg Hanging Out The Winda you Ain't Got These On Bitch Holla It Is Lil Weezy They Can Not See Me They Are Like Stevie I Am Barrington like Levy I Circle Your House Like Bee-Bee Colder than The He-Be-Gee-Bees Never Give Free Bees 75 Thousand For These Beats Shid I Can Get A 100 Thousand Up In These Jeans Big Stacks My Pockets on creatine Young Money Dipset Nigga We A Team If you Don't Like It Nigga Fuck you No Vaseline Errr I Peel Off In The Lamborghini Like A Tangerine Got The Industry Straight Shaking Like A Tambourine Like A Bitch With Some Lips Like Angaline Not Jolie Hoe Lee Got Flow Id Go Where No Other Guy Go Fuck You Hoe I'm So 5 0 4 I Hope Every Snitch Die Slow Hip-Hop That's My Hoe I Know She Know I Like It Wet Don't Want No Dry Hoe Alright Bitch I Am D-Boy No Decoy And I Will Straight Up Destroy Any Boy or man and I Prefer Money then

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