Unleash your creativity!- Samsung ST70

Posted by darwinstable on Mar. 10, 2010

Samsung ST70 is designed to be slim and stylish. It comes in four different colors to satisfy the customers more. Not only it has a fabulous design, it has 27mm wide 5x Samsung lens with slim super zoom to capture the images better. Dual IS system is active to prevent blurry pictues when the shooting condition is not appropriate for the camera. ST70 can produce 720p HD quality movie as well. Smart Button is to activate the Smart Auto system that changes its mode (out of 17 different modes) automatically to the condition. There are 4 different Smart Movie modes as well. Another cool thing about this camera is that this camera has an object tracking AF system that tracks a certain object that user is about to take. Fireworks mode helps the users to capture the clearer images of fireworks. Smart Filter is to give unique effects to the images. With this Slim and Trendy newe Samsung ST70, you will experience the special moments with it.

Categories Pop Culture

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