Unforgiven War! Play for free and win big prizes!

http://www.unforgivenwar.com/register.php?REF=35242 You are about to enter into the Unforgiven War, a FREE text based browser Military MMORPG game. It's 2008, and you are obviously here to sign up as a new recruit into the Military Branch of your choosing, in hopes of Glory, Power, Fame and Riches. Of course you will see action; the Front has been in battle for decades now. With the World declaring War, you will be stationed in locations that are peaceful as well as full war zones, from Vietnam to Iran, from China to Bosnia, all areas will test your abilities You have the chance to become the World's most deadly weapon, using state of the art weaponry, trading items and the opportunity to join or lead a platoon! You have the choice to make money and power the right way, or to commit crimes, both alone and as part of a platoon, to gain the respect of other troops, and who knows, you may even receive the title of the Unforgiven War Soldier! http://www.unforgivenwar.com/register.php?REF=35242