Unfinished PFL Super Bowl Preview

Posted by MassYoutubeUploader on Feb. 03, 2010

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**PLEASE READ* This was a work in progress preview for the pfl's first Super Bowl... Sadly the Super Bowl had to be cancelled due to scheduling conflicts, it was schedule for February 8, 2008... I just decided to let you guys see what could have been... GOOD NEW THOUGH, THE PFL IS ENTERING ITS SECOND SEASON IN JANUARY 2009... Right now the players are going through the PRE-SEASON/TRAINING camp. With the PFL draft looming around the corner,who will change teams, along with many expected shocking moves, new players who were previously FREE agents will be drafted. The pfls second season boast more teams, more games, more action, A NEW LOOK FOR THE PFL website, a new look for every team and new rivalries... STAY TUNED PFL will resume shortly and I hope you look out for all new game highlights and even complete game upload and all new PFL weekly segments starting in JANUARY 2009, THE WORLD GREATEST FOOTBALL LEAGUE IS BACK!!!!

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