UltraSlo saw speed demo Actual size

Posted by AlanUltraSlo on May. 11, 2010

Please RATE and COMMENT In this clip we have used the same set up and shot at 4 different camera speeds. To better show what is going on we left each clip in its natural size so you could better see what we do. We are using a chop saw this time to get the saw plunging into the wood. The speeds are 9,000 FPS, 15,000 FPS, 39,000 FPS and 63,000 FPS. The faster the frame rate we shoot the smaller the frame (lower resolution) The camera shoots at a maximum number of pixels per second. So a big frame pf say 800 x 600 will run @ 1200 FPS and @ 120,000 FPS the frame size is 32 x 8 pixels. Each camera has different performance. This was shot with a Miro 4 from vision Research they start around 25K. Enjoy

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