UltraSlo 101 gun shot

Posted by AlanUltraSlo on Apr. 11, 2010

This is a gun shot @13,000 frames per second. Even at this speed the bullet is a little fast. I would like to shoot this action at over 50,000 fps but the camera resolution at that speed is to low. We clearly caught the bullet and the powder leaving the barrel as the client wanted. We had a lot of comments to slow it down so we posted a clip where we played each frame 12 times. When we are playing the video at 24 frames per second then each frame is up for half a second. for some people it is a slide show for others it is an opportunity to see a little more detail. I hope this helps the understanding of video. please rate and comment. I hope a little better than yesterdays flame session. For those that read the info here We are in the process of upgrading both studio and cameras, during this time we will try to post more content for you. Once we are set up the types of content will increase in variety and quality. We have been filling image orders for hire and you get to see the outtakes now. As we shoot m

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