Ultra Kawaii - Woofs, Meows, Howls, and Growls!

Posted by ultrakawaii on Feb. 24, 2009

All the cute pets in the house: MAKE SOME NOISE! It's all the cutest meows, howls, growls, barks, whimpers, and chatter from your cutest pups and cats. Enjoy the sweet song of animals making a racket. Thanks to all the cute puppies and funny cats featured in this episode: Miku, Roxie, Pup & Mom, Moo, Sheltie Baby, Max & Charlie, Zoey, Boo, Stoney, New Kittens, Waffles, Sunny, Bella, Panda, Lady, Jack, Sagan, New Goldens, Sui, Ratio, Tiger, and Sebastian. For links, visit http://www.ultrakawaii.com

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Tags cats, entertainment, noise, meow, growl, bark, puppies, woof, howl

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