Ultra Kawaii - Weiner Dogs

Posted by ultrakawaii on Aug. 25, 2009

The Dachshund, with its long and narrow shape, is sometimes referred to as a Weiner Dog, because they look like a mix between a Wienerschnitzel and a dog. One of the key rules of cuteness is that silly = cute. So enjoy this episode of the cutest craziest weiner dogs we could find. Thanks to everyone who contributed videos and photos to the episode, including mbjewelry, a_time_to_blossom, carrietaylor, churchclothing, cheatskeet, see_el_photo, richdelux, redheadrain, surfsama, rach224, Hoblin, marco57, popestvictor, jlt1102, littlemoresunshine, jennifermarquez, mytube7070, emilyem, panicjanet, hmh_tribbett, doxieone, and muzzlehatch.

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