Ultra Kawaii - Scary Cute!

Posted by ultrakawaii on Jun. 03, 2009

Sometimes pets are so cute its scary, and other times a creature is so scary and weird its adorable. Such is the case with the Slow Loris, Philippine Tarsier Monkey, and Hairless Sphynx Cat. Thanks to pigarorirori for the Slow Loris footage, GovernorWatts for the Tarsier footage, and zmelon for the Hairless Sphynx Cat clip. Also, extra special thanks to all the viewer pets featured in this episode: Muffy, Angel, Dixie, Kiara, Simba, Hobo, Lucky Angel, Mini, Pepsi, Simba & Kodi, Mocha, Moo, Chica Bonita, Garfield, Bella Bear, Delila, Lafferty, Piston, Mr. Shrimpy, Smokey, Mosi, Taz & Smeagol, Mylo, Shelby, Kiki, Skittles, Serenity, Mogley, Honey, Moe & Dee, & MosleyFor direct links, check out http://www.UltraKawaii.com

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