Ultra Kawaii - Pet Ball Battle!

Posted by ultrakawaii on May. 12, 2009

All kinds of pets like playing with toy balls. Todays episode celebrates this pet-passtime in an epic battle between the Pink Team and the Blue team. Who is the cuter pet-ball team? Vote in the comments!Thanks to all the pets in this video: ahdumhk, nalliloo, DCaaaap, lesloandinero, Shilagrrl, katiethedog, yanstevenUT, bruceaudir8, goonishnob, sponsellerarmy, bellen89, CallMeOtto, NancyN9868, maxiesgirl247, LBShowbiz, JG6230, farfl, Alirith04, hulkstrom, didleydudleydoo, MotherOfGoldenPearl, ShallAdoreCats.

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Tags ball, cats, puppy, ultrakawaii

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