Ultra Kawaii - Interspecies Friendship!

Posted by MassYoutubeUploader on Dec. 08, 2009

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SO KAWAII! These cuties are BFF4EVER. Watch as Josh finds proof that there's harmony between dogs & cats, kitty & hamster, dog & bunny, rats & rabbits, cat & bird, dog & chicks, puppies & kittens, cat & gerbils, and much more. Thanks to all of the people and pets featured in this episode: Cainha, Glossup, Sebb43, Dzemergency, Texasgirly1979, godmother99, Missearl, flower303, skyegrl1, ohemi:, Filmchemist, nova5202, eenchantedearth, Zack Scott and doctordita. Thank you very much!!! ... cute pets ...

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