Ultra Kawaii - Glasses a Ga Ga

Posted by ultrakawaii on Mar. 11, 2009

There is joy in simplicity. It's as easy as putting your glasses on a pet's face and it is immediatley hilarious. In this new episode of Ultra Kawaii, there's a whole new crop of glasses wearing pets, looking to improve their vision and block out the UV rays. But they can't block the cute rays. They're too much. Thanks to all the cute puppies, funny cats, and other featured in this episode: Boot, Davey, BB, Mon, Roxie, Bear & Avery, Yoda, Juno, BecauseThatsWhy's bunny, Buddy, Chloe, Jokerette, Fluffs, Boos, Piggy, Eduard's Guinea Pig, Teddy, Marley, Erica's Dogs, Leon, Idefix, Suki, Boomerang, Markoolio, Luie, Brave, Bella, Roxi, Boomer, Jada, LuLu, Peanut, Cassie, Goblin, Olive, and Terror. Head over to UltraKawaii.com for direct links!

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