Ultra Kawaii - Fraidy Cats!

Posted by ultrakawaii on Jun. 25, 2009

Ever seen a cat look shocked? Yeah, they often get that look on their face. Dogs are better at looking happy, cats are better at looking terrified. Check out some of these Fraidy Cats in this weeks episode of Ultra Kawaii!Thanks to all the scared cats featured in this episode: Spark, Brenden, Hannah, Brenden, Aurorals Kittys, Lolo & JR, Tigerlilya, Basil, Monster, Silvo81s Cat, Mabel, Thel, Mel and Leo, Wandering Stars Cat, Tenshi, Didi, Miu Miu, Cuddles, Mara Jean, Maggie, Douglas, Tigger, Aslan, Quinn & Nikita, Bandit, Yum Yum, Leo, Cryrolfes Cat, Gatowebs Kitten, Trixie, Maisie, Crush, Amphalons Cat, Evie, Gaspar & Milu, Eeka, Mino, R0b0r0bs Kitten, Crystal, Eek, BonnyLee, Scout, Jax, and Millie.Check out http://www.ultrakawaii.com for direct links, our blog, and more!

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