Ultra Kawaii - Dog Park Party!

Posted by ultrakawaii on Jul. 28, 2009

The dog park is an excellent place for a dog to cut loose. Its a place for puppies and old dogs to hang out and run free. In this episode, we follow some dogs enjoying the great outdoors and take a special trip to the Silverlake Dog Park with Lucky. Thanks to everyone who provided cute videos and photos of dogs and parks for this episode: veRoneyca, andromedahonds, annadykema, boxercab, seat850, gymrat5566, walkadog, lenscrack, rosegrant, elfpunk999, michelleans, hockeycrew, mozzarella, RRRussellTerriers, 11783669@N06, kaex88, johnsidc, uncugly, 9372990@N00, churrokily, rickstahr, and Lucky.Check out http://www.ultrakawaii.com for direct links!

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