Ultimate Naruto Hack.avi

http://thebesthacktheworld.bugs3.com/2014/01/ultimate-naruto-hack/ http://thebesthacktheworld.bugs3.com/ Hello, today I created and publish you hack to Ultimate Naruto. Works on 100% you can test it. It is very simple to use. It has features such as adding golda, multihack. That's all I can do now, but it soon will do an update. Multihack has options: Speed Attack-character is beating fast and several times instead of once. One Hit-character kills everything in one hit How to use? 1. Start the program. 2. Select the options you want. Multihack or gold hack. 3. In multihacku select the options you want and press the teeth were start if you want to be included, and stop kiiedy you want to be excluded. 4. The gold hack enter your login golda amount you want to get and press the "give me". 5. Have fun. Link: http://tinyfileshost.com/download/179438/M3MGI4M/1 Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/pl/file/691554d6759d1f6738b6fed838858bdd9feef65e688893c934a1b69c647eb292/analysis/1388624647/