ULTIMATE Minor League Baseball Fight! - Dayton, OH

July 24th, 2008 -- Dayton, OH Peroia Chiefs vs. Dayton Dragons A HUGE BRAWL broke out in the bottom of the 1st inning of this game between the two teams. Peoria Chiefs pitcher Julio Castillo took the ultimate cheap shot as he crow-hopped a baseball into the direction of the Dayton Dragons dugout. The ball then skimmed off the dragons dugout and drilled a fan in the middle of the forehead! The Fan was taken away in a stretcher to the hospital. This pitcher then was arrested for assault by the Dayton Police. 15 Players were ejected 02 Head Coaches were ejected ---- 17 total people were ejected, but were then UN-ejected because they did not have enough position players to continue to play the game! Dragons then won the game 6-5 after a 1 hour and 9 minute delay! Video obtained from WHIOTV's website.