Ultimate car protection - Ceramic Pro by Nanoshine LTD

Posted by smartex on May. 31, 2012

Ceramic PRO is absolutely transparent, and an additional optical effect makes your car look like it just has been freshly washed! Any liquid getting onto surface coated with Ceramic PRO gathers into drops and slips off together with dust and others impurities. Ceramic PRO ultraviolet guard prevents paint from fading -- it sustains saturated and bright color for many years. Coating hardness gains 3-4H, safeguarding your surface from scratches, cracks and shears. The coating is up to 30 microns thick, and even more. Colorless shell of Ceramic PRO produces a really potent varnish layer! For more information please call skype- dmitriy824 email- AKTAU2030@gmail.com Ceramic PRO, car protection, car paint protection, nanoceramic, Nanoshine, protective coating, car detailing, auto detailing, car polish, new car paint protection

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