UFO vs. Airforce showdown - Chapter 2 BIAlien series

Posted by Vlane-Carter-412 on Sep. 26, 2011

Jadens body is being prepared for outer space inside of the UFO. He is controling the spaceship by pure thought and just used a special weapon to remove gravity from the area. The weapon also set off an advanced Electromagnetic interference, that paralyzes everything electronical in the area. Everything is happening within seconds. The airforce pilot is fearing for his life as Nanoscanners read his mind... his life flashes before his eyes. The purple molecule ring in the middle of the ship is the UFOs offense and defense systems. This Exoskeleton Intergalactic Spaceship (EIS) is a generation 2 Andromedian Spaceship. UFO Speeds: Up to 20,000 mph in atmosphere. Up to the speed of light in solid matter form in outer space. Up to 7 second light years in optic-warp and non-matter form.

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