UFO Vortex Footage

Posted by mysteryus on Aug. 17, 2009

Tony Pratt narrates the UFO Beam Event video. This footage was taken on January 10th and 14th 2000. just a few days prior to Life Magazine coming to film at the location of a vortex in a remote field on a hill in Middle Tennessee. Tony aka me, filmed it and narrates. Tony Pratt hosts and produces a television program called Mystery Us. Go to mysteryus DOT tvheaven DOT comThough Life magazine mischaracterized much of the story in the March 2000 UFO edition they did generally do a good job in terms of covering the UFO subject ranging from true scientific study to paranormal perceptions of various people. Two Life cameramen examined this and other footage of mine and said it wasnt tampered with to their knowledge. It is real footage.I now believe the beam itself is the result of CCD blooming. So if it is a event involving flying objects or craft of any kind it is probably not a refueling event. As I originally stated in the video it is mere speculation. Please dont disregard the reality of these phenomena

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