Uber Song Impossible Guitar Hero 3 Custom Song 94%

Posted by rorre5580209 on Jan. 11, 2010

Danny Playing the Uber Song Once Again beating his old record for this song at 94%, but this time we couldnt have FInal Wars by Buckethead as a backing music track on this one because it got taken off last time. So we added our new cover song of Act on Instinct from the game Command & Conquer (1995) (which we will make a separate video for soon) as a music background for this chart as the chart has no music to go with it. Danny played the Drums/Keyboards the Cover song while my dad played the Guitar and I was the mixer/engineer guy (Scotty) http-//www.guitarherophenom.com http-//www.dreamgear.net http-//www.g8brand.com http-//www.gamergrub.com

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