Tyler the Creator-Yonkers Parody Ft Kermit

Posted by IamJoeyCannoli on Oct. 18, 2011

Found a Dirty frog underneath my bed didnt no his name so I called him Fred Freddy Fredrickson yeah thats what I said 1 day I got bored choped off its fucken head It ran around my room for a week straight tried to bring it back 2 life Resuscitate I couldnt find its head It fell under my bed 2 days I looked and found the froggy dead I fucked up bad I think im bout to cry besides the fact that Ms. Piggy gave me pink eye Caught ma girl cheating don't know what to do chopped off the bitches fingers Left the middle one for you fuck you Kermit I dont know what you heard Your green smelly and slimey look just like a turd word... Bitch I Work at yonkers your girl drive me bonkers but I cant complain cuz I love to squeeze her hoonkers My dicks a paradox Herpies look like chicken Pox What else can i say Except kermy like to fuck alot Peanut butter Jelly ya girls pussy smelly she loves a golden shower Call me Rkelly Now this a looney toon b4 they do me soon one last request for kermy I hope to see you so

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