Two Hole Peck Drilling Process

Posted by Autodrill on Nov. 23, 2009

Two holes drilled on close C-C spacing with an ER8 drilling head by AutoDrill.The AutoDrill strokes down to the work, drills a bit, then retracts to clear the chips and then continues down again.This continues until the hole drilling process is complete and then the drill retracts for the final time and stops spinning.Why buy outdated technology? Call AutoDrill for your no-obligation quotation.800-871-502201.908-542-0244http://www.Drill-N-Tap.comhttp://www.Adv-Drilling-Machinery.comhttp://www.AutoDrill.comhttp://www.Auto-Drill.comhttp://www.Drilling-Heads.comhttp://www.Drill-Spindle-Heads.comhttp://www.Drill-Unit.comhttp://www.Multi-Drill.comhttp://www.MultiSpindle-Drill-Heads.comhttp://www.Multi-Spindle-Heads.com

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