Tube and Pipe Drill - Efficient Feed Control - Skip Feed HydroSp

Posted by Autodrill on May. 21, 2009

When drilling a hollow tube, pipe, extrusion or any other part where there is a void in the center, automatic drills often waste time waiting for the next wall while stroking through the interior portions.AutoDrill has a solution to that problem. We can build a drill for you that skips the interior void. In other words, the drill will rapid up to your work, take a controlled cut, rapid through the void and take a controlled cut on the next wall. For some of our units, multiple and highly programmable skips can be built into the process. If you need to drill pipe, tube, a hollow extrusion or hollow part, etc. this just may be the most efficient way to perform the process.The set-up is very basic. We wanted to provide a very simple example and here it is.AutoDrill can offer this technology with single or multiple spindle drilling machines. This technology is often used in the automotive industry for the fastest possible cycle times but is easily transferrable to your project.Please contact us with

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