Try the FREEZE POP Challenge!!!

Posted by nanoshorts on Jul. 08, 2010

You think you have what it takes to eat a freeze pop??? TRY IT IN 30 SECONDS OR LESS! Post a video response of your attempt NOW to enter the Freeze Pop Challenge CrAzE!!! Rules- 1) You must use Fun Pops, Pop-Ice, or Flav-or-Ice brand freeze pops. 2) You must use some sort of timer to monitor your time. If I suspect any form of cheating, your video will be removed the response page. 3) The Ice pop must remain a SOLID and should not be used if crushed or slushy. Disclaimer- attempting the Freeze Pop Challenge is extremely cold and could result in Brain Freeze, Teeth Freeze, Rainbow Tongue, and Cold Mouth Hell. Eat at your own risk.

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