TRX Outside The Box Advanced Training

Posted by Curtis-Pottenger-174 on May. 21, 2013

I have taken my TRX Straps into every one of my workout sessions for the past few months. My goal was to try to create a TRX exercise for each piece of resistance equipment used with the other more traditional exercises in each workout session. I was not successful every time finding some of my ideas were just simply impossible. I was triumphant the majority of the time and learned some very cool ways to use my own body weight to maximize the resistance of the exercise. Some of the angled pushes were comparable to a 200 lb bench press in my opinion, but so much more functional using the entire body as a kinetic chain. The following video is not a complete showing of all the TRX exercises developed. I included only the highlights to keep the video length shorter to stave off boredom of the audience. I hope you enjoy!

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