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THIS VIDEO IS ONE OF MY OLDER ONES. I HAD TO DO SOME EDITING AND REMOVE THE MUSIC. contact me here https-//!/alien_inside_me http-// This is the hottest pepper in the world . On March, 2011 a specimen of Trinidad Scorpion Butch T measured in at 1,463,700 Scoville units making this species pepper the hottest. Ted The Fire Breathing Idiot decided he wanted to eat a Trinidad Scorpion Butch T. so a pepper was sent to me from Darren Trent all the way from England. and I ate it. TED THE FIRE BREATHING IDIOT PEPPER CHALLENGE Rules #1 must chew entire (super or Ultra hot pepper) (dried or fresh) pepper for 30 seconds (FRESH IS HOTTER) #2 after entire pepper has been chewed for 30 seconds pepper must be swallowed. #3 after pepper has been swallowed no Fluids or food of any type can be ingested for a period of 5 minutes (IF YOU THINK YOUR TOUGH GO LONGER) Disqualifications * vomiting before the time limit runs out * drink

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