Trash Talk: 203 - San Diego Chargers vs New York Jets

Posted by heitzie on Sep. 22, 2008

Episode 203 Brought to you by Taco Hell "Tastes like shit because it is! Thanks Satan" How about hitting that subscribe button and be up to date on episodes of Trash Talk? It's Monday Night Football with the San Diego Chargers vs the New York Jets on ESPN. Here's what's on tap for this episode: Recap of Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas Cowboys San Diego Chargers vs New York Jets on Monday Night Q&A with Brett Favre Something To Consider Predictions, Douchebag of the week and much more! Philadelphia Eagles, Donovan McNabb, Washington Redskins, Seattle Seahawks, Tony Romo, NFL, JG Wentworth, Deshawn Jackson, Broadway Brett Favre, New York Jets, pigskin, San Diego Chargers, Eric Mangini, and all that shizznit. It's all here... kinda. Thanks for watching. And if you don't like it... oh, well. The Commish - Alan Heitz Spokane - Aaron Haedt Ewok - Ewok

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