Transformational Life Coach Oriah Miller on the air with ‘Get Re

Posted by Oriah on Dec. 01, 2010

When we stop Providing service, and start Being of service we will truly make an impact with Love. Loving ourselves completely, with compassion as we learn & grow, share & teach-we will have the capacity to share that Love with others. Seeing others lives transforming around us due to our teachings can lead one to believe they have Mastered that area. It is in the humbleness of your service in humility & grace of your own lessons and growth, awareness of you being the student Learning...others can see themselves in your stories and grow. Your Mastership comes with being a student who forever shares their stories of transformation, and never knowing what is to be said or shared at that particular moment. Total trust is necessary, and Love is absolute. ~Oriah Miller Oriah Miller, Transformational Life Coach, Author, Producer, mother of five. http://OriahLifeCoaching.comTransformational Life Coach Oriah Miller on the air with ‘Get Real with Shaman Durek’ 103.1 speaking about Spiritual Re-Birth

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