Trailer for the new book Circles by Boakyewaa Glover

Posted by LivingJacket on Nov. 01, 2009

CIRCLES is the cleverly woven tale of Rabbie, a tormented young woman caught in a cycle of disastrous choices, searching for love and validation. Despite the driven accomplished exterior Rabbie projects, she is plagued by demons from her past. For the last 15 years, Rabbie has made one bad misguided decision after the other. And even as her career blossoms, her personal life is in shambles. After one particularly devastating conversation with Ato, the man she has loved and obsessed over for nine years, Rabbie realizes it is time to step on the brakes and take stock of what has pushed her to the point of loss and insurmountable heartache. Rabbie is the product of her choices; and good or bad, the decisions she has made and continues to make determines her future. Just a few months shy of thirty she feels she has lived a life fit for 40. But now, she can barely breathe, barely live, as her past licks at her heels and drags her around in a cycle of remorse and pain. Rabbie knows it is definitely time to confront

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