Tots & Motts (Shots Parody Remix)

Posted by dioriofotografia on Apr. 24, 2010

The official remix and parody to the LMFAO song Shots.This remix was made through the talents and ambitions of a few individuals working in perfect harmony. The four main individuals are Kyle Diorio, Scott Guadagnino, Jeff Rabil, and Brandon Wolf.In the last days of our college careers we decided to leave our mark and create a legacy for future generations to follow. I have been in college for half a decade now, and the last two weeks have been my favourite and most memorable, and will be my way of summing it all up. We took getting weird to new and professional levels. I want to thank everyone that participated in making this project come together!Producer & Director: Kyle Diorio / Cinematography: Brandon Wolf / Vocals: Brandon Wolf / Sound Mixing: Phil Eger / Editing: Kyle Diorio & Scott Guadagnino / Lighting: Jeff Rabil & Bill Gallagher / Hair Stylist: Gabrielle Buonanno / Location Scout: Ellen GunningCast: Kyle Diorio, Scott Guadagnino, Jeff Rabil, Brandon Wolf, Ashley Stevens, Erica Pefley, Ell

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