Total Wipeout Travis Movie

Posted by Force10 on Sep. 20, 2009

Do you pity the people daft enough to tackle the Total Wipeout giant obstacle course? Do you laugh out loud when they land head first in the mud or ricochet off the big red balls? Well, your prayers have been answered because new and exclusive to Watch is series two of Total Wipeout USA . It’s like the UK version but the contestants are bigger, bolder and even cry out for their ‘mommies’! Hosted by John Henson, John Anderson and Jill Wagner, Total Wipeout USA is the ultimate physical challenge reality series, and thankfully nothing much has changed for series two. Each episode still features 24 contestants of all ages going head-to-head with the world’s largest extreme obstacle courses and supplying entertainment for all the family. These familiar and physically demanding obstacles include Dizzy Dummy, Dirty Balls and The Dreadmill, which provides contestants with the challenge of jumping hurdles on a 40-foot long treadmill at top speed. Only one contestant can win in the W

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