Tortoise star lamp

Posted by aligege21 on Jan. 27, 2009

1. Ursa Minor and Draco 2. Canis Minor and Cepheus 3. Orion 4 5. Pegasus 6. Gemini 7. Tbsp Block and Ursa Major Can be allowed into the bedroom where parents and children comfortable and quiet of the night sky full of stars, from the turtle's shell off the light, reach the walls and the ceiling into the night sky full of stars, the idea is very unique ~ for just happen to be parents of young couples to solve baby sleep problems Oh ~ also not have to wait after the children fell asleep crept back to the kids room and then sleep the night voted small turtle lights are switched off, because it is unique to sleep design, with 45 minutes of sleep function periodic closure. This is under the parents no longer have to worry now?

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