Topless Video - French Air Stewardess Performs Topless Mid-Air S

Check out this amazing footage caught on a training day for new stewardesses in which a woman named Stephanie shows off her undercarriage and flotation devices as she goes completely topless for her pilots. Ive never flown on French airlines, but if this is normal stewardess behavior, it would stand to reason that they should be one of the most popular airlines in the world. Stripping stewardesses are much more attractive incentive for choosing a particular airline than, say, an extra packet of free honey -roasted peanuts, right? Those dumb pre-flight instructions would be absolutely riveting if they were explained to the men in the plane with boobs functioning as a mnemonic device. In all seriousness, though, this is some pretty first-rate sexual harassment if the stewardess in question (named Stephanie) was not aware that shed have to remove clothing. I know the French have sayings about seeing each others underpants, but going topless shouldnt be a job requirement.