Top 5 - Best boobs in gaming

Posted by beehlive on Sep. 28, 2012

Why are you watching this video? Now be honest ... Cause its about boobs, thats why! Get ready for the Top 5 best boobs in gaming! 5. Baldur`s Gate Dark Alliance - Alyth Everybody who played Baldur`s Gate Dark Alliance remembers the innkeeper. This girl looks like she came straight out of an x-rated movie. Gamers were more than happy to help her get rid of the rats in her basement... 4. Jurassic Park- Trespasser - Anne In Jurassic Park Trespasser you are a girl on an island full of dinosaurs. But thats not the most exciting part of this game. That happens when you look down ... Finally a game that lets guys experience what its like to have boobs! 3. Lara Croft - Tomb Raider Recognize those bazookas? You should! Lara Croft has one of the most famous racks in gaming. In the first few games her breasts could poke your eyes out. But as technology progressed so did Laras boobs. Now thats what we call progress! 2. Ivy Valentine - Soul Calibur One look at Ivy Valentine and you know why shes on this li

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