Top 10 Most Powerful Animals

Posted by John-Clipsters-803 on Dec. 31, 2012

Top 10 Most Powerful Animals, this gives a scale in nature that if it came to a fight who would be the winner. If you take a Lion, a Tiger, a Crocodile, a Polar Bear the Elephant & the Eagle and ask to give all they had to be a rich man, do you think they would ? Ask the Tiger to give up all the Jungle he has, or the Crocodile to give away the river he lives in, ask the Polar bear to leave his ice land, and the Eagles ability to fly through the heavens. Tell the Elephant he will have pleasure and decadence as a man if he would give away the territory he currently holds. Ask yourself if the pleasures of man are greater than these things, for they are worthy but small and honest. Music is Among The Falls Slow Haunting http-// licence - http-//

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