Top 10 Free Kicks

Posted by jumma12 on Mar. 31, 2010

EDIT-JULY 2009- Yes i know carlos should be number 1! Horray! This is my FIRST EVER created video! These are my Top 10 Free Kicks. Then again its my opinion so please do not criticize me with dirty or nasty comments, which will be deleted. I also apologize for some of the bad quality. I hope you enjoy the video. 10. Thierry Henry 9. Ronaldinho 8. Cristiano Ronaldo 7. Nakamura 6. David Beckham 5. Dwayne de Rosario 4. Juninho 3. Hugo Almieda 2. Roberto Carlos 1. Aliev I picked 10 players and found a free kick that I though was awesome! Each player in the countdown is different. - SMTProduction - Please comment and rate. (PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!) Songs- 1. Ignition- Toby Mac 2. Boomin- Toby Mac

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