Too Bad That Erections Dont Come With Directions

Back with the Stiffy iffy iffyPut it in the AirToo bad that erectionsDont come with directons X4Knock knock whose there? Morning WoodThey played the anthem and my Wee Wee has StoodNever been camping, but Im pitchin a tentTryin to hide my beast but truly I cantEven in the morning you can ask every stonerIts difficult to get rid of an unwanted bonermaybe youre in public maybe youre in classStaring at a thong on a fine piece of assTryin to sit, not stand upbut your little friend dont give upcross your legs and hide your shameBut no one knows youre not to blame.Too bad that erectionsDont come with directons X4An erect penis is hard to controltryin to hide my beast but it wont falltryin to hide it though its big as a towerpicturing a fat hairy guy in the showerdont feel bad even every priesthas trouble controllin his massive beastevery guy out there has been battle scarredwhen talking to a girl and she sees that its hard.What is thi