TLC : Sold Out HD {Chilli Solo (Come On Down, I Miss You So Mu

Posted by MassYoutubeUploader on Feb. 03, 2010

(Act 3: crazysexycool pt.4) Chilli's solo spot and the fanmail tour and interview backstage. This was the last concert of the Fan Mail Tour. It was the night before the Super Bowl in tlc's home town Atlanta , GA. This show is the last time TLC performed all of their top hits together as a full show. It has become a cherished collectors item in the TLC Fan community as it has yet to be released on DVD or Video it is very hard to find. The night of the show Atlanta was hit with a giant ice storm and the show was almost canceled. The band insisted on doing the show and there was not an empty seat in the Philips Arena. The show remains the best single example of tlc's complete body of multi-platinum hits.

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