Tiny Baby Kittens In Slow Motion - Furball Fables

Posted by puppetgirl on Jun. 02, 2011

Furball Pet Friends - New Channel Please Subscribe!!! http-//www.youtube.com/FurballPetFriends These are 3 week old kittens born to 8 month old Nala, who is a feral cat who is being tamed. She surprised us with the kitens. We knew she was pregnant but we did not know she had the kittens. Born in the bushes in the backyard. We are guessing they are 2-3 weeks old. There are 5 kittens. 3 white and 2 grey striped tabbies. s. This is the first time she brought her kittens out. Amazingly she allowed 3 humans to handle them the very first day. Check out Kitten Catchers . Watch as we learn how to catch a colony of feral kittens and cats living in Malibu, California. tags The drinkers kittens The drinkers kittens

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