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Posted by Atypeek on Jan. 30, 2013

The band lists their primary influences as (and draws many comparisons to) the likes of Botch, Shora, Shovel, Cult of Luna, Neurosis, and Breach, but to be honest with you I would absolutely not compare them to any of those bands. There are certainly elements of their sound that are familiar to varying degrees, and you can draw parallels to the way certain riffs or structures may have built out from listening to Botch or Shora or Neurosis or what have you, but the overall aesthetic of their sound doesnt really remind me of any of those bands at all, and a lot of the reviews that Ive stumbled upon for this album almost cheapen its artistry by focusing so much attention on those influences. Im certainly no expert on the scene in France by any means, but from what Ive observed over the years there just seems to be this awesome circle of top-notch bands and labels over there (which often spreads to their neighbors in Switzerland, it seems) thats all kind of swirling around within this general mishmash of c

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