Tiger Schulmann's Men's Classes

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www.mytsmma.com - At Tiger Schulmanns Mixed Martial Arts, you get a fun and highly effective workout, while learning the fundamentals of self-defense. Results are a key factor in selecting a fitness program, but finding and committing to the right program is not always easy. Not only do our students look forward to their classes, but with TSMMA, they achieve total body results in the three key aspects of physical conditioning muscular development, cardiovascular conditioning, and flexibility. Tiger Schulmanns method is a true Mixed Martial Art, combining kickboxing and submission grappling, and is the most effective means of self-defense in realistic situations. While most other schools or systems focus on only one or two areas of self-defense, such as hand techniques, foot techniques, or grappling, Tiger Schulmanns unique fusion of all three will provide you with the knowledge youll need to defend yourself in virtually any situation. Now it is your turn to get started!

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