Throw the X-Zylo 600+ feet!

Posted by Nick-Hernandez-57 on Jan. 17, 2013

Buy here- http-// X-Zylo Flying Gyroscopes are amazing toys that will astound you and your kids. They are available in two styles- The X-Zylo Air Rider (for younger kids) and the X-Zylo Ultra (for more advanced throwers). The X-Zylo Air Rider features a fabric tail that provides stabilization during flight as well as an easy way to grip it. Simply fling the X-Zylo Air Rider by its tail and watch it glide effortlessly up to 150 feet. The X-Zylo Ultra is similar to the Air Rider, but gets by without a fabric tail. While this makes throwing trickier, the reduced drag allows the Ultra to travel much farther distances. In fact, experienced throwers can easily toss the X-Zylo Ultra more than 100 yards and some people have been known to rocket it over 600 feet.

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