This video will save a little girl's life- #SavingEliza

Posted by Thomas-Wakeley-480 on Apr. 19, 2014

Donate & Share- http-// 3 weeks ago, I flew over from the other side of the world to help these strangers make a video that would help them save their daughter. This is the result of the most emotionally charged week I've had of giving myself the responsibility to save a life. I hope that I've managed to make something that will touch peoples hearts and move them to action. I hope that what I did here will not just make a difference... but THE difference. I've done all that I can, and now it's your turn. As Eliza said- please share. Special thanks to BorrowLenses, SmugMug, Petapixel, Guillermo Castellanos, Devin Schiro and you... for making all of this possible. A project by DL Cade and Von Wong

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