This is just Amazing! I am speechless. The Earths Heartbeat lik

Posted by Paolo-Pomponi-606 on May. 22, 2013

there are meaningful pattern (patternicity) linked to natural fractals on earth. The earth brief, beat and move itself as human doing time by time, earth body is alive trough an invisible dimension, here I am making the invisible --- visible. Landscapes of material are also landscapes of meaning: praxis is itself symbolic, and all landscapes are symbolic in practice. Ideology and Landscape in Historical Perspective draws together fifteen historical geographers to examine landscapes as messages to be decoded, as signs to be deciphered. The range of examples is wide in terms of period, from the medieval to the modern, and of place, embracing Persia, the Arabs country, Russia, USA, Canada, Palestine, Israel, South Africa, India, Europe, Italy, greece and Cyprus. Each essay addresses a specific problem, but collectively they are principally concerned with the ideologies of religion and of politics, of Church and state, and their historical impress upon landscapes. Self-similarity as a face, writing without lette

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