This is Gonna Be Awesome - (Comedy)

Posted by mikefalzone on Jul. 28, 2009

OVERHEARD YA (G#, A#, D#) In line at the coffee shop Hear you talkin bout a party later at youre spot I Listen real hard get the address go home and look it up on map quest No need to invite me, Ill find it park my van in the school behind it Ill probably just follow you home ...Ill definitely follow you home girl you know you drive too fast you better bet im gonna catch that ass and when I do its just me and you naked and drunk in your above ground pool I would kiss your lips as you closed your eyes Grab your hips and your inner thighs I cant wait to tell the guys time flies when you are thinking up lies OOOO this is gonna be awesome you dont even know Now were speeding down your lane Im pretty sure I just hit your great dane ...I guess it could have been a possum Man...this is gonna be awesome then you inform me that I hit your dog and I dont even hear you talkin All i see is that pretty little face boobs...and your pretty little face girl I got plans for you you can even bring your boyfriend

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