This is BioShock (BioShock 2 Rap)

Posted by TEAMHEADKICK on Mar. 04, 2010

http-// Click above to watch The Devil Dogs (Gears of War 2 Metal Music Video) This is BioShock (BioShock 2 Rap) TEAMHEADKICK takes on Bioshock 2 in this fast paced, upbeat, comedic rap video about Rapture, Hacks, Headshots, Big Sister, and an outstanding game! Enjoy. MP3 Available on iTunes, Amazon, and worldwide under TEAMHEADKICK *LYRICS* Its Friday night, aint got shit to do So I sit in my room playing Bioshock 2All cracked out on this mountain dewCouple slices of the pizza and some funions too, dudeThe game is sick,the graphics are fantastic Multiplayer, you know youll get your ass kickedBut bring it on, Im dishin the pain And when Im done with your ass, Ill play the campaign Got more weapons than a guy from Beirut,Dont need no extra armor cause I got a dive suit Racking up kills takes tons of skill,Impaling mother fuckers with the tip of my drillFor real, dont you mess with my daughterElectrify your ass if you stand in the waterIncinerate you quick, leave you in f

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